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Looking for a new technical party for the technical management of your webshop? With our expertise and pragmatic approach, we ensure a smooth transition and optimisation of your current online platform. With us, technology serves your success, allowing us not only to improve the performance of your webshop, but also to realise cost savings.

Strategic and data-driven

The acquisition process starts with an evaluation (code review) of your current platform, where we identify specific areas of improvement and opportunities. We then prepare a customised acquisition and optimisation strategy, including code reviews, bug fixes, and performance optimisation.During the transition phase, we ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption. After the acquisition, we provide ongoing support and advise on further development and cost reduction with a view to future growth and scalability of your webshop.


Performance optimalisatie


Proactive and transparent

At Wedigify, we are aware of the frustrations that can arise when current partners or agencies fail to meet expectations in quality, proactivity and cooperation. Our acquisition service therefore focuses not only on solving technical challenges and improving your webshop, but also on fixing these shortcomings.

With efficient transition processes and in-depth Magento 2 expertise, we promise open communication and a partnership focused on success. Choosing Wedigify means choosing a dedicated team that prioritises your growth and goals.

E-commerce specialist

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van der Garde Tuinmeubelen | Wedigify

"At Van der Garde Garden Furniture, we are extremely happy with our collaboration with Wedigify, right from the very beginning. Their pragmatic approach and direct lines of communication feel like we are really working together towards the same goal. Are you looking for a party with a lot of knowledge, short lines of communication and the ability to switch quickly? An absolute recommendation!"

Gerhard Heierman

van der Garde Tuinmeubelen

Smooth transition process

A smooth acquisition with minimal disruption to business operations.

Performance optimisation

Noticeable improvements in load times and overall performance for a better customer experience.

Cost savings

Identify efficiencies that reduce costs without compromising quality or performance.

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