Find out how our SEO leverage strategy increased sales by 250% for Greenfield Fashion

Organic sales increased by 250% using our leverage strategy

In our recent case for client Greenfield Fashion, we applied the 'Leverage Strategy', a unique approach that combines SEO and CRO to not only increase traffic but also optimise conversions. Through this methodology, we create a multiplying effect where every increase in organic traffic leads to an exponential increase in conversions.
Who is Greenfield Fashion?

Greenfield Fashion, een gevestigd modebedrijf met 30 jaar ervaring, staat bekend om zijn diverse en trendy collecties dames- en herenkleding. Met winkels in Waddinxveen en Gouda biedt Greenfield een breed scala aan stijlen voor elke smaak, met meer dan 60 merken zoals Ambika, G-Star, en Tommy Jeans. Greenfield's unieke aanpak is het combineren van verschillende merken om persoonlijke stijlen te creëren, aangemoedigd door hun actieve sociale media aanwezigheid. De winkelervaring bij Greenfield is warm en persoonlijk, met een nadruk op klanttevredenheid en een gezellige familiesfeer.

Greenfield Fashion was struggling with two main problems: stagnation in sales growth from organic traffic and a low conversion rate on their website. Despite an attractive product offering, Greenfield Fashion was unable to take full advantage of their online presence.
On the SEO side, we started with an in-depth keyword analysis and optimisation of the website content, with the aim of increasing visibility in search engines. We meticulously analysed user intent to ensure that the content not only attracts but also matches visitor needs. At the same time, we technically optimised the site.

In parallel with these SEO efforts, we implemented CRO techniques. This included A/B testing of different page elements, simplifying the navigation path and personalising the user experience to increase engagement and conversion. With continuous monitoring and adjustment, we ensured that each visitor had the best chance of converting.

Through this leveraged strategy, we not only increased traffic, but also ensured that this traffic became more valuable through higher conversion rates. This resulted in a significant ROI for our client and confirmed the power of combining SEO and CRO for maximum impact.
Read below what results this case produced for Greenfield Fashion

+ 172%

(Organic) Conversion

+ 250%

(Organic) Revenue

+ 50%

(Organic) Traffic

+ 24

Domain authority

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